PEI Shellfish Association

The PEI Shellfish Association is a result of the amalgamation of Island regional Associations to become a true advocate for all PEI public Shell Fishers. Representing fishers of quahogs, clams and oysters.

The Board of Directors from across PEI are nominated by the tributaries they associate with,eleven in total.(list of such can be found on web site) The Board is nominated at annual meetings and provide feedback from Fishers on various issues.Property management is a responsibility of the Association as are owner/operators of Hurds Point Trailer Park and The Bideford Shellfish Station.

The two facilities provide a base for the Association key activities,Oyster Enhancement Program and seasonal base for Fishers to reduce travel costs.


  • June 16, 2016 Minutes of the 2015 AGM,
  • May 04, 2016 Power Point Presentation
  • March 18, 2015 PEI Shellfish Association Annual General Meeting Announcement

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  • March 18, 2015 Oyster Commodity General Meeting 2015

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  • January 16, 2015 Results of PEI Shellfisher meeting

    Results of PEI Shellfisher meeting
    January 7, 2015 at Travellers Inn, St. Eleanor’s Hwy, Summerside PEI at 1 pm
    – hosted by PEI Shellfish Association.
    35 fishers and growers – all card carrying members in attendance.

    Is there interest in participating in the suggested Round Table re: Creating a Vision for our Industry and what might that look like.

    The decision was that there was indeed interest. Keeping in mind that there remains no clear picture at this stage as to what that Table may look like; who might be at this table, the group decided that at this point and until such time as more details are in place, PEI SA’s participation would be dependent on four main conditions:
    1. A clear message that PEI SA’s participation at the Roundtable in no way is an indication that the “Add A Species “ is endorsed by the public fishery.
    2. Equal representation at the table. Participants include our small independent processors.
    3. The minutes and/or summary of each Round Table meeting be accessible to our members (the day of- or shortly after the meeting). Understood by all parties that this information be published in our Website; Facebook page; and be available to all members on our email list. This will enable our members to remain informed throughout and keep the dialogue alive and relative. Face to face meetings can become quite expensive.
    4. If the Round table looks like one seat per….there be an allowance within the Round table process for a admin support/ note taker/observer. Two volunteers stepped up to sit at table if indeed space was made at the table. President of the Association and the 2 volunteers if space is available.

    All in favor – Show of Hands – Unanimous

    Please let me know where we go from here. Feel free to email your suggestions and thoughts!
    We want your input!
    Brenda Campbell
    President PEI SA

  • December 29, 2014 Fishermans Meeting- January 7th, 2015

    There will be a Fishermans Meeting

    Wednesday January 7th, 2015

    at the St. Eleanors Econolodge


    All PEISA Membership holders are encouraged to attend!



Working to sustain the wild shellfish industry on PEI

The objective of the PEI Shellfish Association is to develop the industry of shell fishing and protect the interest of oyster fishermen in PEI. To encourage and promote the oyster industry and collect, circulate statistics, general information and other material which may be of assistance to the oyster industry. To promote research, development and education and to make recommendations to the Provincial and Federal Governments as well as conduct projects in oyster shellfish improvement.

Since the 1970’s both the number of fishers and the numbers of pounds landed have steadily increased. In 1970 there were approximately 100 active fishers to approximately 800 active fishers in

2012 and landings of


7,000,000 lbs, oysters

We feel with the efforts of the Association and our enhancement projects we have significantly contributed to this increase. 75% of all PEI Oysters comes from the public fishery.

Association is to develop the industry of shell fishing by supporting

public fishers through enhancement of oyster beds & public awareness

PEI Shellfish Association
Box 82
Ellerslie, PEI C0B 1J0
(902) 831-3374